Business plan projects high school

First, of the CEOs presentation of the sample business plan, and second, and the groups develop example sections of their plan for an existing local business. Guide for Educators — informative site on economics and business for teachers and students. Business and Finance Websites — collection of useful resources covering several business and finance topics.

You can set up in a classroom, in the gym, in the cafeteria, or wherever the school will allow you to which the students believe will be a strategically effective location for your business project.

Together, you can decide on the prices of the various items clothes, books, CDs, games, bags, shoes, accessories.

Business Lessons For High School Students

Students should design a web page for a company that interests them. Kathleen Ayers Date Created: One can be in charge of the payments, giving of changes, and keeping track of the earnings. A plumber could use thin copper sheets with the information stamped on the copper.

Have students select a company that interests them and create an advertisement for that company. The scope and depth of the business plan assignment will need to be determined by the teacher in advance, depending on the number of - and abilities of - the students available to work on the plan, the length of the course semester, year-long, etc.

The Portrait layout deck. These are all great considerations for the marketing portion of your plan. You and the CEO will need to become familiar with it, and the market for the selected business in your community, to support the guided practice section of the lesson. The students just have to design, prepare, and sell the raffle tickets.

Technology Lesson Plans — helpful resources and plans for teaching technology. Show them their options for the ticket price before they agree on the final one that would benefit them the most and still be feasible.

High School Business Projects

Careers Career Planning Lesson Plan — helpful website covering career planning topics for students. What will your advertisements say. They also have a number of financial obligations, such as gas for their car or books for school.

Business Lessons For High School Students

Student will check with instructor as to quality of each slide. These projects may be done regularly, like once in a term or quarter.

As a helpful resource for business education students and teachers, here is a collection of links: In your plan, be sure to include everything you will need to meet the need of the market. The Advanced Edition also includes an online Web marketing guide.

Conferencing or external consultants - easily export selected worksheets to values-only workbooks. When it comes to crazy student business plans, Columbia Business School Professor Murray Lowe has heard them all. There was "Catistan," the social networking website created for cat lovers to role.

Click here to see the business ideas → this business can blossom into a company that will keep you busy well beyond high school! 8 / Young Entrepreneur Business Plan Teenagers Advice. A business plan template is a framework to help you write a business plan. A good template should show you the areas that you need to cover in the plan and provide you with questions that should be answered throughout the plan.

The school business plan template is fully geared towards the high school business. Easily add project plans, phasing diagrams, floor plans, specific plans and more as is needed. Easily insert important data from the financial application. The time frame is about 1 week.

The project is a creation of a mock new business complete with company information page, financial statements, graphs, management promotion pages, and advertising pages. The students worked in teams similar to a business structure.

9 Wacky Student Business Plans That Could Succeed

Special Directions: This lesson plan is the final part of a project called the Integrated Business Project. The time frame is about 1 week. The project is a creation of a mock new business complete with company information page, financial statements, graphs, management promotion pages, and advertising pages.

Business plan projects high school
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Business Lessons For High School Students